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Transfer Students

Students should check the Transfer Admission site for information on UC San Diego minimum requirements and deadlines. The Department of Philosophy does not have any entrance requirements separate from the UC San Diego requirements.

Transfer students may take some philosophy classes before starting at UCSD. Philosophy classes that are not listed on may be petitioned for major credit.

A. Tips for Prospective Transfers

  • Keep records of all coursework including course syllabi, reading lists, exams and papers.
  • Attend orientation for your college. Many academic departments have orientation during Welcome Week.
  • Learn about resources and get involved. There are resources and programs provided by the University, your college and your department.
  • Ask questions!

B. Transfer Credit Information

  • The Department of Philosophy regularly grants credit toward the undergraduate major for work taken at other colleges and universities, whether in the US or abroad. Credit toward the major is granted by petition upon completion of the work. Please note that this is a separate approval process from the evaluations process handled by the UC San Diego Admissions Office, whereby courses are accepted for credit towards graduation.
  • In submitting petitions for work taken elsewhere, students are required to submit supporting documentation that will assist reviewers in their assessment (syllabi, reading lists, course descriptions, papers, etc.).
  • In granting credit toward the major for courses taken elsewhere, credit will normally be granted on a one-to-one basis. That is, students are awarded credit for one UC San Diego course for each approved course taken elsewhere. By exception, the department does consider granting credit beyond the one-to-one level. In considering petitions for such additional credit, reviewers look for evidence of a substantially greater volume of written work (i.e., papers) than would normally be required in an upper division philosophy class at UC San Diego. Please note that the duration of the course (quarter, semester, year-long, etc.) is not itself evidence that further credit is merited, nor do accumulated contact hours (i.e., classroom time, tutorials, etc.) by themselves warrant credit beyond the one-to-one allowance.
  • In planning studies abroad, majors should keep in mind the departmental regulation that at least 7 upper-division courses must be taken in the Philosophy Department at UC San Diego. Please visit the Programs Abroad Office's page on Study Abroad in Philosophy for more information.

C. Curriculum Policy: Introduction to Logic

  • Philosophy 10, Introduction to Logic, provides an introduction to the basic concepts and techniques of both informal and formal logic and reasoning. It includes a treatment of all of the following topics: basic concepts of logic (argument, premises, validity, soundness, etc.), informal fallacies, the sentential (propositional) calculus, symbolization, truth tables, natural deduction, and indirect and conditional proof.
  • The Department of Philosophy will grant transfer credit for "Introduction to Logic" only by petition. Petitions must be accompanied by documenting materials (a copy of the syllabus or a letter from the instructor) showing that these topics were covered. Classes listed on that are transferrable for the Department of Philosophy do not need to be petitioned.