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Colloquium Series

The Philosophy Department’s Colloquia Series takes place most Fridays of each academic quarter from 4-6pm in the Living and Learning Neighborhood in the Arts & Humanities Building 1, 0426; a reception for the colloquium speaker follows the talk in 0427.

To review past departmental colloquium please see our colloquium archive.

Schedule 2022-23

Fall 2022

September 30
Elizabeth Schechter (Indiana University)
"The Evidence in Self-Deception" - abstract

November 18

Carlotta Pavese (Cornell University)

December 2
C. Thi Nguyen (University of Utah)

Winter 2023


Spring 2023

April 14
Lauren Ross (UC Irvine)
Title and abstract forthcoming.

May 19

Ray Briggs (Stanford University)
Title and abstract forthcoming

June 2
John Carriero (UCLA)
Title and abstract forthcoming