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Colloquium Series

The Philosophy Department’s Colloquia Series takes place most Mondays of each academic quarter from 2-4pm in the Living and Learning Neighborhood in the Arts & Humanities Building 1, 0426. Snacks will be served.

To review past departmental colloquium please see our colloquium archive.

Schedule 2023-24

Fall 2023

October 23
Rosa Cao (Stanford)  
“Can Swampmodels Have Inner Representations?” - abstract

November 13
Kareem Khalifa (UCLA)
"Inquiry, Risk, and Impartiality: Lessons from the Kerner Commision." - abstract

November 27
Hanti Lin (UC Davis)
"Context-Sensitivity and Ockham's Many Razors." - abstract

Spring 2024

April 8
Dale Jamieson (NYU)
"Am I Responsible for Climate Change?" - abstract

May 6
Margaret Gilbert (UC Irvine)
"Notes Toward a General Epistemology." - abstract

May 20
Lisa Raphals (UC Riverside)
Note! Canceled event.