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Faculty by Field

Epistemology and Metaphysics

Research falls into diverse metaphysical topics as free will, Humean supervenience, laws, spacetime, color, the self, reduction, modality, properties, natural kinds, truth, and causation, and epistemological issues including empirical knowledge, explanation, the nature of perception, evidence, and rationality.

Ethics and Social-Political Philosophy

Ethics, broadly understood, especially ethical theory, history of ethics, political philosophy, applied ethics and jurisprudence. 

History of Philosophy

The history of philosophy in the Western tradition from antiquity through the twentieth century. Areas of strength include ancient philosophy; early modern philosophy; Kant and post-Kantian German philosophy; history of ethics; history of philosophy of logic and science.

Philosophy of Mind and Language

This area includes philosophical approaches to understanding the nature of the mind and human language. Topics include the metaphysical nature of the mind, the philosophy of psychology and cognitive science, philosophy of perception, and accounts of reference and meaning. Work in this area is typically informed by, and often conducted alongside, the associated empirical disciplines.  

Philosophy of Science

Topics include philosophy of psychology and cognitive science, philosophy of perception, philosophy of biology, philosophy of social science, philosophy of physics, general methodological and philosophical issues in science.