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Current Quarter Courses

Spring Quarter 2022

Click the course title for the syllabus (when available).

Course Title Instructor
Phil 10 Logic M. Harrell
Phil 13 Intro to Ethics R. Arneson
Phil 15 Knowledge and its Limits S. Wang
Phil 27 Ethics and Society I M. Vargas
Phil 28 Ethics and Society II A. Lamey
Phil 33 Philosophy between Reason & Despair M. Hardimon
Phil 35 Philosophy in the Americas C. Tolley
Phil 112 History of Philosophy: Late Modern M. Hardimon
Phil 115 Philosophical Methods Seminar A. Finley
Phil 120 Symbolic Logic J. Carr
Phil 125 Probability and Decision Theory J. Carr
Phil 136 Philosophy of Mind R. Grush
Phil 140 Free Will M. Vargas
Phil 145 Philosophy of Science K. McKenzie
Phil 148 Philosophy and the Environment C. Callender
Phil 160 Ethical Theory S. Bazargan-Forward
Phil 169 Feminism and Philosophy C. Tolley
Phil 173 Topics in Bioethics R. Brandt
Phil 174 Data Ethics D. Danks
Phil 201-A Core Course in History E. Watkins
Phil 210 Greek Philosophy M. Johnson
Phil 232 Epistemology G. Sher
Phil 267 Political Philosophy R. Arneson/S. Bazargan