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Current Quarter Courses

Winter Quarter 2023

Click the course title for the syllabus (when available).

Course Title Instructor
Phil 10 Intro to Logic R. Grush
Phil 14 The Nature of Reality C. Shields
Phil 16 Science Fiction and Philosophy M. Harrell
Phil 27 Ethics and Society I M. Vargas
Phil 28 Ethics and Society II D. Danks
Phil 32 Philosophy and the Rise of Modern Science S. Rickless
Phil 35 Philosophy in the Americas (DEI) C. Tolley
Phil 101 Aristotle P. Marechal
Phil 111 History of Phil: Early Modern E. Watkins
Phil 130 Metaphysics E. Chen
Phil 136 Philosophy of Mind R. Grush
Phil 139 Global Justice D. Arneson
Phil 141 Meaning of life S. Rickless
Phil 146 Philosophy of Physics C. Callender
Phil 148 Environment K. Kovaka
Phil 152 Philosophy of Social Science N. Cartwright
Phil 160 Ethical Theory S. Bazargan-Forward
Phil 163 Bioethics R. Brandt
Phil 174 Data Ethics D. Danks
Phil 202 Core in Ethics D. Arneson, D. Nelkin, D. Brink
Phil 210 Greek Philosophy C. Shields
Phil 230 Metaphysics N. Cartwright
Phil 245 Philosophy of Science K. Mckenzie
HUM 4 Enlightenment, Romanticism, Revolution (1660–1848) E. Watkins