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Job Market Candidates 2021-22

  • Henry Argetsinger

    Henry Argetsinger

    AOS: Moral Responsibility, Normative Ethics
    AOC: Social Epistemology, Metaphysics of the Self, Philosophy of Race
  • Andrew Bollhagen

    Andrew Bollhagen

    AOS: General philosophy of science, philosophy of biology
    AOC: Philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of neuroscience
  • Cory Davia

    Cory Davia

    AOS: Ethical Theory (Including Metaethics and Practical Reason), Philosophy of Action

    AOC: Normative Ethics, Moral Psychology, Social Epistemology, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Sports

    Curriculum Vitae

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  • Aaron Finley

    Aaron Finley

    AOS: Moral and Political Philosophy

    AOC: Environmental Ethics, Technology and Moral Values, and Medical Ethics

    Curriculum Vitae

    Personal Web

  • Nate Greely

    Nate Greely

    AOS - Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Cognitive Science
    AOC - Ethics, Logic, Philosophy of Science
  • Thomas Kirkpatrick

    Thomas Kirkpatrick

    AOS: Moral, Social, and Political Philosophy
    AOC: History of Philosophy, Metaethics, Logic
  • Ayoob Shahmoradi

    Ayoob Shahmoradi

    AOS: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language

    AOC: Epistemology, History of Analytic Philosophy, Logic, Ethical Theory 

    Curriculum Vitae

    Personal web

  • Joseph Stratmann

    Joseph Stratmann

    AOS: Kant (Theoretical and Practical)

    AOC: Early Modern Philosophy, Metaphysics, German Idealism

    Curriculum Vitae

    Personal web

  • Ann C. Thresher

    Ann C. Thresher

    AOS:  Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Physics

    AOC: Bioethics, Environmental Ethics, Ethics of Emerging Technology, Philosophy of Time

    Curriculum Vitae

    Personal web

  • Shawn Tinghao Wang

    Shawn Tinghao Wang

    AOS: Ethics, Moral Psychology

    AOC: Environmental Ethics, Biomedical Ethics, Epistemology

    Curriculum Vitae

    Personal web