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Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholars

  • Sam Elgin

    Sam Elgin

    Ph.D. – Yale University

    Postdoc: Sept. 2018 - August 2020

    Faculty Sponsor: Eric Watkins

    My research primarily falls within foundational metaphysics. I investigate the notions of essence, analysis and real definition.  Recently, my research has concerned generalized identities – sentences of the form ‘To be F is to be G.’  I argue that these sentences ought to be understood in terms of truth-maker semantics, and explore the implications this has for other philosophical puzzles.

  • Linus Huang

    Linus Huang

    Ph. D. – University of Sydney

    Postdoc: Dec 2018 – November 2020

    Faculty Sponsor: Bill Bechtel

    My research program explores the implications of cognitive neuroscience on the nature of agency and the human mind. In particular, I’ve focused on the problem of control.  I argue that a hybrid account of control that incorporates insights from both embodied and classical cognitive architectures is the view best supported by empirical research.