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What can I do with a Philosophy degree?

"The sciences tell us what we are and how we are as individual humans and as a society; the arts and humanities tell us who we are."
Raynard S. Kington, President-Grinnell College

See opinions of billionaire Mark Cuban and liberal arts college president and scientist Raynard Kington, both of whom publicly shared their views of the importance of liberal arts education.

Most Philosophy majors do not pursue a Ph.D. in Philosophy but go into the job market instead. Top choices are in law, medicine, writing, counseling, education, government and management. And salaries for Philosophy graduates are ranked 1st (tied with Math) in the percentage growth from early to mid-career!

Top fields are in those areas that require refined critical thinking and problem solving skills, and strong writing, verbal and analytical skills.

View some career options using interactive tools via UC San Diego's Career Services Center.

Alumni Career Examples:

Cory Evans

  • Cory Evans, Philosophy Class of 2007

Diplomatic Advisor and Professor. Former positions include 

    • Political Analyst for the Consulate - General of Japan in New York
    • Assistant to the Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
    • Adjunct Lecturer at Baruch College, New York
    • Researcher and speechwriter for New York Congressman

He also started his own hedge fund, The Wickford Group. 

  • Francis LamFrancis Lam, Philosophy Class of 2008
    UC Berkeley School of Law 2011

“My Philosophy major really helped me excel in law school. So much of legal education and practice is about one’s ability to read, analyze, and write.  … After reading, analyzing, and arguing about the works of Kant, Nietzsche, and Hegel, legal opinions and legislation seemed like a piece of cake.”

Some famous Philosophy majors:

Recent Tech Leaders

Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn
Stewart Butterfield, co-founder of Flickr
Patrick Byrne, CEO/founder of


Isaac Newton
Albert Einstein
Albert Schweitzer


Carly Fiorina
Carl Icahn
George Soros

Arts & Culture

Stephen Colbert
David Foster Wallace
Leo Tolstoy
Wes Anderson
Bruce Lee


Thomas Jefferson
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Booker T. Washington
George Stephanopoulos

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