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Graduate Students

  • William Albuquerque

    William Albuquerque

    Office: H&SS 7089

    B.A. Philosophy, Bowdoin College (2011)
    M.A. Philosophy, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (2016) 

    Interests: Moral responsibility, moral psychology, meta-ethics, emotions.
  • Dallas Amico

    Dallas Amico

    Office: H&SS 7039
    M.A. Philosophy, Bowling Green State University 

    My research interests are primarily in metaethics and moral responsibility. In the former, I’ve been thinking about the status and nature of moral testimony and moral expertise, and about the relationship between epistemic challenges to robust realism about morality and epistemic challenges to robust realism about mathematics (e.g. evolutionary debunking arguments and the Benacerraf-Field challenge). In the latter, I’ve been thinking about when moral ignorance excuses wrong action.

  •  Henry Argetsinger

    Henry Argetsinger

    Office: H&SS 7039
    B.A. Beloit College
    M.A. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

    I'm interested in broadly meta-normative and metaethical topics in philosophy. I am particularly drawn to the intersections of ethical theory, philosophy of action and questions of practical reason. I also dabble in political philosophy. Outside of philosophy I like playing Ultimate and napping with cats.

  • Samantha Berthelette

    Samantha Berthelette

    Office H&SS 7039
    B.A. in Philosophy and Political Science, University of Vermont
    M.A. in Philosophy, Florida State University

    I primarily work on problems concerning agency, moral responsibility, and the law—and I am especially interested when all three of these topics are involved. I also do work in philosophy of mind (especially self-deception) and well-being. Sometimes I do experiments to help support my arguments. When I'm not doing philosophy, I can usually be found West Coast Swing dancing or playing pool.

  • Andrew Bollhagen

    Andrew Bollhagen

    Office: H&SS 8033
    B.A. University of California, Irvine
    M.A. California State University, Long Beach
    Pre-Doctoral Research Associate, Mississippi State University

    Interests: philosophy of science, the philosophy of mind, the history and philosophy of psychology, the philosophy of neuroscience and phenomenology.   

  • Zack Brants

    Zack Brants

    Office: H&SS 7043
    B.A. Philosophy, Computer Science, University of Washington (2016)

    My primary interest is in moral philosophy with a focus on the relevance of ancient approaches, in particular Aristotle’s conception of virtue. I’m also interested in logic and epistemology. Besides philosophy I like tinkering with computers and programming things that almost work. 

  • Claudi Brink

    Claudi Brink

    Office: H&SS 7055
    B.A. Philosophy and English Literature
    M.A. Philosophy, University of the Witwatersrand

    My primary interest is in Kant's theoretical philosophy. I also have interests in philosophy of mind and ancient philosophy.

  • Haggeo Cadenas

    Haggeo Cadenas

    Office: H&SS 7039
    B.A Psychology NAU
    M.A Philosophy ASU 

    Currently, I am interested in articulating a Carnapian approach to philosophy.  By this I mean whether certain philosophical questions can be construed as conceptual engineering or linguistic projects.  Examples of these include, is logic normative (phil-logic)?  Is this formal system a rational constraint (formal epistemology)?  Are these normative and scientific practices consistent with naturalism (phil-religion)?  And how do we characterize a mature Carnapian philosophy of science (phil-sci)? 

  • Travis Chamberlain

    Travis Chamberlain

    Office: H&SS 8033
    B.A. Philosophy & Economics, University of California, Irvine (2006)
    M.A. Philosophy and Public Policy, London School of Economics (2009)

    As a philosopher of economics, I'm primarily interested in the philosophy of measurement, focusing on measurement in the social sciences.  My thesis focuses on measuring human capabilities and follows the conceptual work of Martha Nussbaum and Amartya Sen.  I take their characterization and demonstrate how many contemporary measures of human capabilities that use indices or other econometric methodologies no longer cohere with the original characterization of capabilities.
    Secondary foci include Aristotelian Philosophy, Science and Technology Studies, Ethnography, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Action related to team leadership and social deliberation, and Economic Methodology.
    My primary teaching focus is applied ethics.  I have been a TA at the Rady School of Management for the past three years, assisting classes on business ethics and diversity management.
  • Rosalind Chaplin

    Rosalind Chaplin

    Office: H&SS 7055
    B.A. Independent Scholar Program, Middlebury College
    M.A. Philosophy, Simon Fraser University

    My main interests are in Kant's theoretical philosophy -- especially questions pertaining to space, time, and the nature of the empirical world.  I also have secondary interests in a variety of topics in early modern philosophy, moral psychology, and ethics.

  • Eugene Chua

    Eugene Chua

    Office: H&SS 7054
    BA Hons (Cantab) Philosophy, Wolfson College, University of Cambridge (2017)

    I am mainly interested in both the substantive and methodological questions which arise at the intersection of metaphysics and philosophy of science (primarily philosophy of physics), e.g. about theory choice & theoretical virtues, pragmatism/anti-realism/realism, fundamental ontology, emergence & reduction in physics, and the concept(s) of entropy and information employed in physics. I also maintain side interests in the philosophy of logic and formal epistemology (particularly Bayesianism and related issues). 

  • Kathleen Connelly

    Kathleen Connelly

    Office: H&SS 7054
    B.A. Philosophy, University of Tennessee - Knoxville

    My research interests are in ethics and science studies. In particular, I’m interested in questions about moral responsibility motivated by engagement with empirical psychology and history of medicine. These interests have manifested in work on moral responsibility and implicit bias; my developing research includes work on whether moral responsibility and mental disability. When I’m not doing moral responsibility research, I’m interested in philosophy of language and feminist philosophy, by way of philosophical hobbies.

  • Cory Davia

    Cory Davia

    Office: H&SS 7093
    B.A. Claremont McKenna
    M.A. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

    Philosophically, I'm primarily interested in practical reason and the foundations of ethics. What are reasons for action? What's the relation between moral demands and other practical demands, like prudence or instrumental rationality? How confident should we be in our normative beliefs? I'm also interested in the epistemology of disagreement. When we discover that smart, well-informed people disagree with us, what's the rational way to take this into account? Should we stick to our guns, or become less confident?
    I also like to cook and play pool.

  • Emma Duncan

    Emma Duncan 

    Office: H&SS 7013
    B.A. Philosophy, Graphic Design, Portland State University (2010)
    M.A. Philosophy, Northern Illinois University (2015)

    My interests lie primarily in ethics, branching into social and political philosophy, moral psychology, philosophy of mind, and law. Recently, I’ve been focused on issues surrounding punishment, as well as nudges (libertarian paternalism), where questions of free will, autonomy, rational choice theory, and psychology combine in complex and often vexing ways. I suspect I’ll be focused on these for many years to come!

  • Maximilian Edwards

    Maximilian Edwards 

    Office: H&SS 7055
    B.A. Philosophy, Cambridge
    M.Phil. Philosophy, University College London

    My primary research focus is on Kant's theoretical philosophy - especially the nature and status of the categories and their various deductions, and the character of transcendental idealism. I also have a growing interest in the Critical system as a whole.  

  • Aaron Finley

    Aaron Finley

    Office: H&SS 8033
    B.S. in Philosophy & Abstract Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

    My primary interests lie within political and moral philosophy--especially issues related to political legitimacy. I am also interested in applying empirical work in psychology and other fields to questions concerning public goods and institution design.

  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez

    Juan Carlos Gonzalez

    Office: H&SS 7013
    B.A. Xavier University 
    M.A. The New School for Social Research

    Historical Interests: classical German philosophy (especially Kant and Hegel); ancient Greek philosophy (esp. Aristotle); also developing interests in the history of Latin American (esp. Cuban) philosophy. Thematic Interests: metaphysics, history, and philosophy of psychology, aesthetics, philosophy of nature. Other Interests: historical conceptions of the Soul, teleology.

  • Nathaniel Greely

    Nathaniel Greely

    Office H&SS 2064
    B.A. Communication, University of Southern California
    M.A. Philosophy California State University Los Angeles

    My primary interests are Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science and I plan to pursue a joint PhD in both. I used to play guitar for a living, but now I do it for fun and I'm still an avid indie-rock fan. I am the father of a standard poodle named Felix and in my free time I try to satisfy his insatiable desire for walks. 

  • Min Heo

    Min Heo

    Office: H&SS 7055

    B.A. Philosophy, Seoul National University (2015)
    M.Phil. Philosophy, Seoul National University (2017)
    Interests: Early modern philosophy, Kant's theoretical philosophy, Metaphysics, and Philosophy of language
  • Imani Howard

    Imani Howard

    Office: H&SS 7054

    B.A. History and Philosophy of Science, Stanford University
    B.S. with Honors, Molecular and Cell Biology, Stanford University
    As an MD/PhD candidate, my primary research interests are the philosophy of medicine, the role of race and identity in healthcare and the physician-patient relationship. My clinical interests are in psychiatry and primary care. 
  • Kathryn Joyce

    Kathryn Joyce

    Curriculum Vitae

    Office: H&SS 7039
    B.A. Philosophy, University of North Dakota (2008)
    M.A. Philosophy, Georgia State University (2013)

    My research concerns questions within social and political philosophy, moral psychology, and the philosophy of education. Primarily, I focus on educational justice, relational equality, disadvantage/social power, and empirically-informed conceptions of agency. I have secondary interests in the history of moral and political philosophy, especially Adam Smith, responsibility, and research methodology. I serve on the organizing committee for UC San Diego's Summer Program for Women in Philosophy (SPWP). Aside from philosophy, I enjoy rock climbing and spending time in the ocean.

  • Thomas Kirkpatrick

    Thomas Kirkpatrick

    Office: H&SS 8033
    B.A. Philosophy, Willamette University (2011)
    M.A. Philosophy, Brandeis University (2015)

    My primary interests are in moral, social, and political philosophy. I also have secondary interests in moral epistemology, meta-ethics, and the history of philosophy. The questions I've read and written about the most pertain to descriptive social phenomena like groups, power, and subordination, as well as to normative political theories like relational egalitarianism, republicanism, and libertarianism.

  • Jonathan Knutzen

    Jonathan Knutzen

    Office: H&SS 7086
    B.A. Philosophy, Wheaton College (2002)
    M.A. Philosophy, Brandeis University (2013)

    Interests: moral and political philosophy.

  • Cami Koepke

    Cami Koepke

    Office: H&SS 7086
    B.A. Philosophy, Northwest Nazarene University (2003)
    M.Div., Emory University (2006)
    M.A. Philosophy, Georgia State University (2013)

    My current interests lie at the intersection of moral responsibility, action theory, moral psychology, and neuroscience. I'm especially interested in understanding how findings in neuroscience might impact our approach to mitigating factors of moral responsibility. My current project focuses on conditions like addiction and depression.

    More generally, I'm interested in bioethics, normative ethical theory, and philosophy of religion. When I'm not doing philosophy, I enjoy bicycling, camping, and reading comic strips.

  • Milana Kostic

    Milana Kostic

    Office: H&SS 7054

    B.A. Philosophy, University of Belgrade
    M.A. Logic and Philosophy of Science, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU Munich
    My interest lie at the intersection of [formal] epistemology, philosophical logic and natural language semantics. I also have an interest in feminist philosophy. 
    I serve as one of the international organizers for Minorities and Philosophy [MAP].
  • JiMin Kwon

    JiMin Kwon

    Office: H&SS 7039

    B.A. Philosophy and Biology, University of Dayton

    I work at the intersection of philosophy of science and epistemology. My current project involves questions pertaining to scientific realism and rationality. I also have an interest in teaching logic and ethics.
  • Ying Liu

    Ying Liu

    Office: H&SS 7093
    B.A. Politics and Public Administration, South China Normal University
    M.A. Philosophy, University of Houston

    Primary interests: ethics, social philosophy, agency, practical reason.
    Secondary interest: History of moral and political philosophy.
  • Noel Martin

    Noel Martin

    B.A. Religious Studies, Humboldt State University
    M.A. Philosophy (Neurophilosophy Track), Georgia State University

    I’m primarily interested in philosophy of science, the cognitive sciences, neuroscience, and mind. I also have an interest in how these areas intersect with specific questions in moral philosophy and philosophy of perception. I am currently working on a dissertation project that investigates the ways in which scientists studying the mind and brain coordinate their efforts in practice and the role such coordinating might play in developing an account of scientific integration.

  • Joseph Martinez

    Joseph Martinez

    Office: H&SS 7043
    B.A. Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley (2016)

    Primary interests: Philosophy of action and philosophy of mind. 

    Secondary interests: Thomas Reid, especially his works on free will and common sense.

  • Marcus McGahhey

    Marcus McGahhey |

    Office: H&SS 7043
    B.A. Philosophy, University of Louisiana at Lafayette 
    M.A. Philosophy (Neurophilosophy Track), Georgia State University
    My areas of interest include philosophy of mind, cognitive science, and epistemology. I'm especially drawn to issues concerning perceptual experience, intuition, epistemic justification, and self-knowledge. In my free time, I enjoy watching films, listening to comedy, and writing music on my guitar.
  • Leonardo Moauro

    Leonardo Moauro

    Office: H&SS 7089
    B.A. Political Science, Brown University
    M.A. Philosophy, Tufts University

    My main interests are in early modern philosophy (especially Spinoza) and ethics. I also have interests in moral psychology and ancient philosophy (especially the Hellenistic schools). I am currently thinking about the concept of perfection in Spinoza's Ethics, especially as it relates to the perfectionist tradition in ethics.  

  • Ayda Niknami

    Ayda Niknami

    H&SS 7055
    B.A. Philosophy, English minor, Simon Fraser University (2018)

    I am specifically concerned with the historical development of ideas such as freedom, the self, and consciousness - from both a metaphysical and an ethical standpoint. My current focus is on 18th- and 19th-century German philosophy, but my broader interests include the early modern period, as well as 20th-century continental philosophy and the philosophy of race and gender. Outside of philosophy, I spend my time dancing, reading, and writing poetry.

  • Emily Petkas

    Emily Petkas

    B.A. Economics, Trinity University, 2008
    MSc Philosophy and Public Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science, 2015

    Areas of focus: political philosophy and ethics with special interests in Kant and bioethics

  • Matthew Piper

    Matthew Piper

    B.A. Psychology, St. Louis University, St. Louis (1996)
    M.A. Interdisciplinary Studies: Philosophy of Complexity, Sonoma State University (2008)
    M.A. Philosophy, University of Missouri, St. Louis (2011)

    Interests: the mind-body problem; theories of consciousness; neural and cognitive sciences; normativity (ethical & aesthetic).

  • Michael Pittman

    Office: H&SS 8033

  • Sam Ridge

    Sam Ridge

    H&SS 7013
    B.A. Philosophy and Economics, DePaul University
    M.A. Philosophy, University of Houston

    I am primarily interested in ethics, epistemology, and normativity in general. My strongest interests concern responsibility, particularly moral responsibility. I am also currently interested in the debate between internalists and externalists about normative reasons and in questions about whether different senses of ‘ought’ are irreducibly distinct.

  • Ayoob Shahmoradi

    Ayoob Shahmoradi

    Office: H&SS 7043

    AOS: philosophy of mind, philosophy of language. 

  • Ahmed Siddiqi

    Ahmed Siddiqi

    Office: H&SS 7043
    B.A. Genetics, Rutgers University-New Brunswick 
    D.D.S. Texas A&M College of Dentistry

    M.A. Philosophy, University of Houston

    Primary Interests: Metaethics, Moral Psychology  

    Secondary Interests: Political Philosophy

  • On Yi Sin

    Office: H&SS 7013

  • Sebastian Speitel

    Sebastian Speitel

    Office: H&SS 7089
    B.A. hons. Philosophy, University of Canterbury, Christchurch
    MSc. Logic, University of Amsterdam (ILLC)

    My main interests concern logic and philosophy of logic. More recently, I have developed interests in philosophy of science more generally and Kant's theoretical philosophy.

  • Joseph Stratmann

    Joseph Stratmann

    Office: H&SS 7086
    B.A. Philosophy and German, University of Notre Dame (2015)

    My primary philosophical research interests are Kant, metaphysics, and the intersection thereof (especially vis-à-vis grounding and modality). In my free time, I enjoy cooking, listening to chamber music (especially string quartets written between 1771 and 1826), and reading German philosophy and poetry aloud to myself in German.

  • Ann C. Thresher

    Ann C. Thresher

    Office: H&SS 7089

    Interests: Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Time.

  • Bas Tönissen

    Bas Tönissen

    Office: H&SS 7093

    B.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences, University College Roosevelt (2013)

    MPhil Philosophy, University of St. Andrews/Stirling joint program (2017)

    My primary interest is in the history of philosophy, with a focus on Kant. I am also increasingly drawn to issues in agency and moral psychology more generally. Before grad school I was a professional debate and argumentation trainer in the Netherlands. Aside from philosophy and teaching, I enjoy cycling, literature and heavy music.

  • Brian Tracz

    Brian Tracz

    Office: H&SS 7054
    B.S. Biology and Philosophy, Boston College

    My work centers on themes pertaining to perception and imagination throughout modern European philosophy, and especially in Kant. I am also interested in philosophy of mind (including phenomenology), philosophical psychology, and epistemology. Beyond philosophy, I play piano and chess, and I enjoy Mahler's symphonies, Arrested Development, and hiking.

  • Richard Vagnino

    Richard Vagnino

    Office: H&SS 7013
    B.M. Music, History, New York University
    M.M. Music Theory and Composition, New York University

    My primary interests are philosophy of mind, perception, and cognitive science. Specifically, I'm interested in predictive processing, perception of time, and how music cognition interfaces more broadly with questions about the mind.

  • Elizabeth Waldberg

    Elizabeth Waldberg

    Office: H&SS 8033
    B.A. University of Kansas - Philosophy, Psychology, and Slavic Languages & Literatures (2018)

    Interests: my broader interests are in philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of psychology, philosophy of neuroscience, and philosophy of science, with a specific interest in embodied and emotional cognition.
  • Tinghao Wang

    Tinghao Wang

    Office: H&SS 7086
    B.A. Philosophy, Renmin University of China (2014)
    M.Phil. Philosophy, Lingnan University (2016)

    Interests: Epistemology, Ethics, Philosophical Methodology.


  • Jada Wiggleton-Little

    Jada Wiggleton-Little

    Office: H&SS 7054

    B.A. in Philosophy, Davidson College (2013)

    I am primarily interested in philosophy of mind, epistemology, and clinical ethics. I am especially interested in how the three intersect with respect to pain. I am also interested in social epistemology and medical epistemology, specifically testimonial epistemology. When I am not doing philosophy, I am either at the movies, dancing, or writing poetry.

  • Keyao Yang

    Keyao Yang

    Office: H&SS 7055
    B.A. Sun Yat-sen University
    M.A. University of Houston
    Currently, my main interests are in ethics and moral psychology, with a special focus on philosophical issues related with addiction. 
  • Jacob Zellmer

    Jacob Zellmer

    Office: H&SS 7086
    B.A. Biblical Studies, Azusa Pacific University
    M.A. Philosophy, San Francisco State University

    My primary interests lie in early modern philosophy, philosophy of religion, and especially their intersection. I also have strong interests in ethics and epistemology. In my free time, I enjoy reading novels and newspapers, playing sports, and hiking.