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Matthew Fulkerson

Matthew Fulkerson

Department of Philosophy
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive #0119
La Jolla California 92093-0119
H&SS 8073

Curriculum vitae [pdf]


I'm a philosopher primarily interested in perception and the philosophy of psychology and neuroscience. Much of my work relates to philosophical issues that arise from the investigation of human haptic touch. More recently, I've been focusing on affective experience, pain, multisensory interactions, spatial representation, and the relationship between perception and bodily awareness. 

Prior to my appointment at UCSD I was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia, where I worked with Murat Aydede and Eric Margolis. I'm also a research associate with the Network for Sensory Research, an interdisciplinary group working on perception. I completed my Ph.D. at the University of Toronto, where my advisor was Mohan Matthen. I also have an M.A. in philosophy from Tufts University.



The First Sense: The Nature of Human Touch (under contract with MIT Press)


"Touch Without Touching." (2012). Philosophers' Imprint Vol. 12, no. 5.

"The Unity of Haptic Touch." (2011). Philosophical Psychology 24:493-516.

"What Counts as Touch?" (forthcoming). In Perception and its Modalities. Edited by Matthen, Biggs, and Stokes: OUP.

"Explaining Multisensory Experience" (forthcoming). In Consciousness Inside and Out: Phenomenology, Neuroscience, and the Nature of Experience. Edited by Richard Brown: Springer.

Courses Taught:

Academic Year: 2012-2013 (UCSD)

Fall Quarter:
PHIL 15: Knowledge and its Limits
Winter Quarter:
PHIL 137: Moral Psychology
PHIL 285: Grad Seminar on Pain and Pleasure
Spring Quarter:
Not teaching

Academic Year: 2011-2012 (UBC)

Fall Term:
PHIL 240: Knowledge and Reality
Winter Term:
PHIL 441: Philosophy of Perception: Spatial Perception
PHIL 451: Philosophy of Mind 

Academic Year: 2010-2011 (UBC)

Fall Term:
PHIL 240: Knowledge and Reality
Winter Term:
PHIL 240: Knowledge and Reality
PHIL 441: Philosophy of Perception: The Senses

Previous Courses (University of Toronto):

PHL 241: Philosophy of Perception: The Senses (St. George)
PHL 72C: Philosophy of Science: Explanation (UTSC)
PHL 341: Freedom, Responsibility, and Human Action (St. George)