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Job Market Candidates 2018-19

  • Cory Davia

    Cory Davia

    AOS: Ethical Theory (Including Metaethics and Practical Reason), Philosophy of Action

    AOC: Normative Ethics, Moral Psychology, Social Epistemology, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Sports

    Curriculum Vitae


  • Blythe Greene

    Blythe Greene

    AOS: Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy: Hellenistic Philosophy, Plato, Aristotle

          History of Philosophy: Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy
          Metaphysics: Causation, Philosophy of Time
          Classics: Literature, Ancient History, Latin and Greek Language
          Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Gender, Philosophy of Race

    Curriculum Vitae

  • J.P. Messina

    J.P. Messina

    AOS: Kant’s Practical Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics

    AOC: Kant’s Theoretical Philosophy, History of Modern Philosophy, Nietzsche

    Curriculum Vitae

  • Ryan Stringer

    Ryan Stringer

    AOS: Ethical Theory, Metaethics, Love and Friendship

    AOC: Applied Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion

    Curriculum Vitae

    Personal Web

  • Jason Winning

    Jason Winning

    AOS: Phil. of Mind/Cognitive Science, Metaphysics, Phil. of Action, Phil. of Biology/Neuroscience

    AOC: Epistemology, Logic/Scientific Reasoning, Ethics (Meta, Normative, and Applied), Political

    Curriculum Vitae

    Personal Web