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As we enter the time for admission decisions, before making your decision, read 'A Case For Majoring In Philosophy'


We teach students to think critically, analyze logically, and provoke inventive thinking. Skills valued by employers. Skills valued for global citizens.

We are ranked top 10 or better nationally and globally in multiple sub-fields; we are ranked 23rd overall.

We help students make sense of their world, and contribute to helping others make sense of theirs.

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John Cleese PSAPhilosophy “is born out of wonder at the world and it works against confusion. Now, of course, there’s much to wonder about and a lot of confusion. So maybe that is why the 21st century may become very philosophical.”

- John Cleese, actor, writer, philosopher: 22 Public Service Announcements for the American Philosophical Association

Departmental Statement on Travel Ban

The Department of Philosophy of the University of California San Diego would like to express our dismay over the immigration and travel ban enacted by the President of the United States on January 27, 2017.  With a global perspective on issues of morality and justice more important than ever before, the Department continues to welcome collaboration and exchange with scholars from all over the world.  We wish to affirm our support and appreciation of all our students, instructors, and collaborators adversely impacted by the executive order. If you are in need of assistance or resources concerning visa status, travel or immigration, please see the following webpage provided by the International Center:

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