Job Market Candidates 2016-17

  • Craig K Agule

    Craig K Agule

    AOS: Ethics, Philosophy of Law

    AOC: Logic, Professional Ethics, Social & Political Philosophy 

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  • Amy Berg

    Amy Berg

    AOS: Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics

    AOC: Philosophy of Law, History of Ethics and Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy

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  • Tomoya Sato

    Tomoya Sato

    AOS: Philosophy of Logic, Philosophical Logic

    AOC: History of Analytic Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mathematics

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  • Ben Sheredos

    Ben Sheredos

    AOS:Philosophy of mind, Philosophy of science, 19th & 20th century European philosophy

    AOC: Philosophy of action, Philosophy of social science (ethnomethodology), Logic & critical thinking

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  • Danny Weltman

    Danny Weltman

    AOS: Social and Political Philosophy

    AOC: Applied Ethics, Meta-Ethics

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  • Peter Yong

    Peter Yong

    AOS: German Idealism (with an emphasis on Kant and Hegel) and (Analytic) Philosophy of Mind

    AOC: Phenomenology, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Early Modern, Continental Philosophy, Aesthetics

    Curriculum Vitae