Visiting Scholars

  • Claudia Blöser

    Claudia Blöser

    Ph.D. Philosophy, Goethe University Frankfurt
    Visiting Scholar January 1, 2017 - March 20, 2017
    Faculty Sponsor - Dana Nelkin
    Research: Kant's practical philosophy, Moral psychology, forgiveness.
  • Reuven Brandt

    Reuven Brandt

    Lecturer, UC San Diego Department of Philosophy
    Visiting Scholar Winter & Spring 2017

    Research: Bioethics, Applied Ethics.

  • Kelso Cratsley

    Ph.D. Philosophy, King's College London
    Visiting Scholar September 1, 2015-September 1, 2017
    Faculty Sponsor - Craig Callender

    Research: Biomedical Ethics, Philosophy of Psychology and Psychiatry 

  • Yuanyuan Qian

    Yuanyuan Qian

    Ph.D. Philosophy, Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC
    Visiting Scholar September 1, 2016-September 1, 2017
    Faculty Sponsor - Georgios H. Anagnostopoulos

    Research: Ancient Greek Philosophy, Virtue Ethics