Graduate Students

  • Craig Agule

    Office: H&SS 7039
    B.A. Economics, University of Virginia
    J.D. University of Virginia
    M.A. Philosophy, University College London

    My interests include political, moral, and legal philosophy as well as aesthetics.

  •  Henry Argetsinger

    Henry Argetsinger

    B.A. Beloit College
    M.A. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

    I'm interested in broadly meta-normative and metaethical topics in philosophy. I am particularly drawn to the intersections of ethical theory, philosophy of action and questions of practical reason. I also dabble in political philosophy. Outside of philosophy I like playing Ultimate and napping with cats.

  • Chirag Barai

    Chirag Barai

    Office: H&SS 7055

    B.A., Department of Mathematics, New York University
    M.Sc., Department of Government, London School of Economics & Political Science

    Interests: Political Philosophy.

  • Matthew Braich

    Matthew Braich

    Office: H&SS 7093
    B.A. Philosophy and English, Lewis and Clark College
    M.A. Philosohy, University of California, Riverside

    I'm primarily interested in issues in practical reason and moral psychology. Currently I am working on a dissertation that explores the implications recent trends in psychology have for accounts of what it is to do, think, or feel something for a reason. In particular, I'm interested in whether we can have a decent amount of rational control over what we think, feel, and do when a lot of our thoughts, feelings, and actions are driven by unconscious, automatic, affective processes. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, sports, and playing golf.

  • Claudi Brink

    Claudi Brink

    Office: H&SS 7043
    B.A. Philosophy and English Literature
    M.A. Philosophy, University of the Witwatersrand

    My primary interest is in Kant's theoretical philosophy. I also have interests in philosophy of mind and ancient philosophy.

  • Travis Chamberlain

    Travis Chamberlain

    Office: H&SS 8089
    B.A. Philosophy & Economics, University of California, Irvine (2006)
    M.A. Philosophy and Public Policy, London School of Economics (2009)

    As a philosopher of science specializing in economics, Travis focuses on the intersection of conceptual characterization and practical application of measurement, specifically well-being measurement through the capabilities approach developed by Martha Nussbaum and Amartya Sen. Travis utilizes philosophical and science studies analysis to consider the plausibility of well-being measure refinement as well as to illuminate coherent accuracy and precision principles through consideration of how social science measures evolve.  Further interests include Aristotelian virtue theory, political philosophy including distributional issues, and realist/anti-realist metaphysical boundaries between physical science and social science.

  • Rosalind Chaplin

    Rosalind Chaplin

    Office: H&SS 7059

    B.A., Independent Scholar Program, Middlebury College
    M.A., Philosophy, Simon Fraser University

    My main interests are in Kant's theoretical philosophy and early modern philosophy. Secondary interests of mine include ethics and political philosophy.

  • Kathleen Connelly

    Office: H&SS 8029
    B.A. Philosophy, University of Tennessee - Knoxville

    I am primarily interested in philosophy of science (philosophy of the social sciences in particular). I am also fascinated by a wide a range of other philosophical topics: Kant, aesthetics, free will and moral responsibility, to name just a few. I expect I will never be able to explore all of these very different philosophical interests as thoroughly as I would like, but I look forward to spending the next few years trying my best.

  • Cory Davia

    Cory Davia

    Office: H&SS 7093
    B.A. Claremont McKenna
    M.A. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

    Philosophically, I'm primarily interested in practical reason and the foundations of ethics. What are reasons for action? What's the relation between moral demands and other practical demands, like prudence or instrumental rationality? How confident should we be in our normative beliefs? I'm also interested in the epistemology of disagreement. When we discover that smart, well-informed people disagree with us, what's the rational way to take this into account? Should we stick to our guns, or become less confident?
    I also like to cook and play pool.

  • John Dougherty

    John Dougherty

    Office: H&SS 8085
    A.B. Physics & The History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science and Medicine, University of Chicago (2010)

    My main interests are, in order of increasing specificity, the philosophies of science, physics, quantum gravity, and the structure of spacetime therein. I am also interested in bits of computation, math, and logic. In my off time, I enjoy board games, 1920/30's weird fiction, and mathematical typesetting.

  • Emma Duncan

    Emma Duncan 

    Office: H&SS 8037

    B.A. Philosophy, Graphic Design, Portland State University (2010)
    M.A. Philosophy, Northern Illinois University (2015)

    My interests lie primarily in ethics, branching into social and political philosophy, moral psychology, philosophy of mind, and law. Recently, I’ve been focused on issues surrounding punishment, as well as nudges (libertarian paternalism), where questions of free will, autonomy, rational choice theory, and psychology combine in complex and often vexing ways. I suspect I’ll be focused on these for many years to come!

  • Maximilian Edwards

    Maximilian Edwards 

    Office: H&SS 8085
    B.A. Philosophy, Cambridge
    M.Phil. Philosophy, University College London

    My primary research focus is on Kant's theoretical philosophy - especially the nature and status of the categories and their various deductions, and the character of transcendental idealism. I also have a growing interest in the Critical system as a whole.  

  • Matt Evpak

    Matt Evpak

    Office: H&SS 8085
    B.A. Philosophy, California State University Sacramento

    My primary interest is in metaphysics, but I'm also piqued by various metaphysically relevant problems in philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, philosophy of science, and logic. My research focuses on the concepts of truth and existence, the relationship between them, and their usefulness in clarifying--or, alternatively, confounding--the notions of realism and antirealism.

  • Aaron Finley

    Aaron Finley

    Office: H&SS 7054
    B.S. in Philosophy & Abstract Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

    My primary interests lie within political and moral philosophy--especially issues related to political legitimacy. I am also interested in applying empirical work in psychology and other fields to questions concerning public goods and institution design.

  • Nathaniel Greely

    Nathaniel Greely

    Office H&SS 8085

    B.A. Communication, University of Southern California
    M.A. Philosophy California State University Los Angeles

    My primary interests are Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science and I plan to pursue a joint PhD in both. I used to play guitar for a living, but now I do it for fun and I'm still an avid indie-rock fan. I am the father of a standard poodle named Felix and in my free time I try to satisfy his insatiable desire for walks. 

  • Blythe Greene

    Office: H&SS 7043

  • Tanya Hall

    Office: H&SS 7054

  • Kathryn Joyce

    Kathryn Joyce

    Office: H&SS 7054
    B.A. Philosophy, University of North Dakota (2008)
    M.A. Philosophy, Georgia State University (2013)

    My research concerns questions within political philosophy, ethics, and feminism. I also have an interest in the history of moral and political philosophy. My M.A. thesis focuses on Adam Smith's political philosophy and is titled "Adam Smith: A Relational Egalitarian Interpretation." I also serve on the Executive Committee for UC San Diego's Summer Program for Women in Philosophy (SPWP) an am a member of a multi-campus collaborative research group focusing on inclusive pedagogy, supported by the UC Humanities Research Institute. 

  • Thomas Kirkpatrick

    Thomas Kirkpatrick

    Office: H&SS 8089
    B.A. Philosophy, Willamette University (2011)
    M.A. Philosophy, Brandeis University (2015)

    My primary interests are in moral, social, and political philosophy. I also have secondary interests in moral epistemology, meta-ethics, and the history of philosophy. The questions I've read and written about the most pertain to descriptive social phenomena like groups, power, and subordination, as well as to normative political theories like relational egalitarianism, republicanism, and libertarianism.

  • Jonathan Knutzen

    Jonathan Knutzen

    Office: H&SS 7055
    B.A. Philosophy, Wheaton College (2002)
    M.A. Philosophy, Brandeis University (2013)

    Interests: moral and political philosophy.

  • Cami Koepke

    Cami Koepke

    Office: H&SS 8029
    B.A. Philosophy, Northwest Nazarene University (2003)
    M.Div., Emory University (2006)
    M.A. Philosophy, Georgia State University (2013)

    My current interests lie at the intersection of moral responsibility, action theory, moral psychology, and neuroscience. I'm especially interested in understanding how findings in neuroscience might impact our approach to mitigating factors of moral responsibility. My current project focuses on conditions like addiction and depression.

    More generally, I'm interested in bioethics, normative ethical theory, and philosophy of religion. When I'm not doing philosophy, I enjoy bicycling, camping, and reading comic strips.

  • Justin Lawson

    Office: H&SS 8037

  • Leonardo Maouro

    Leonardo Maouro

    Office: H&SS 7059

  • Noel Martin

    Noel Martin

    Office: H&SS 7093
    B.A. Religious Studies, Humboldt State University
    M.A. Philosophy (Neurophilosophy Track), Georgia State University

    My philosophical interests include mind, cognitive science, social science, and ethics. Right now I’m especially concerned with how these topics figure into debates in moral psychology. I also have a growing interest in the history of philosophy. When not doing philosophy, I’m interested in music, food, running, and the ocean.

  • James Messina

    James Messina

    B.A. Philosophy, Wagner College (2011)
    M.A. Philosophy, Georgia State University (2013)

    Interests: The history of modern philosophy (esp. Kant), moral psychology, and contemporary political philosophy. 

  • Matthew Piper

    Matthew Piper

    Office: H&SS 7043
    B.A. Psychology, St. Louis University, St. Louis (1996)
    M.A. Interdisciplinary Studies: Philosophy of Complexity, Sonoma State University (2008)
    M.A. Philosophy, University of Missouri, St. Louis (2011)

    Interests: the mind-body problem; theories of consciousness; neural and cognitive sciences; normativity (ethical & aesthetic).

  • Michael Pittman

    Office: H&SS 7055

  • Jon Ross

    Office: H&SS 8089

  • Sebastian Speitel

    Sebastian Speitel

    B.A. hons. Philosophy, University of Canterbury, Christchurch
    MSc. Logic, University of Amsterdam (ILLC)

    My main interests concern logic and philosophy of logic. More recently, I have developed interests in philosophy of science more generally and Kant's theoretical philosophy.

  • Joseph Stratmann

    Joseph Stratmann

    Office: H&SS 7059

    B.A. Philosophy and German, University of Notre Dame (2015)

    My primary philosophical research interests are Kant, metaphysics, and the intersection thereof (especially vis-à-vis grounding and modality). In my free time, I enjoy cooking, listening to chamber music (especially string quartets written between 1771 and 1826), and reading German philosophy and poetry aloud to myself in German.

  • Ryan Stringer

    Ryan Stringer |

    Office: H&SS 7043
    B.A. University of Kansas, Lawrence
    M.A. Michigan State University, East Lansing

    Generally speaking, my philosophical interests are in the areas of ethics, metaethics, moral psychology, the philosophy of action, the philosophy of religion, and metaphysics. In addition to my philosophical interests, I have non-philosophical interests in (1) petting, owning, and helping cats, (2) eating good food (especially Indian, Ethiopian, and Thai food), (3) trying to understand and write poetry, (4) listening to good music (e.g., the band Tool, which is, objectively speaking, the best band in the history of the universe), and (5) watching good TV shows (e.g., Dexter) and good movies (e.g., Fight Club).

  • Ann C. Thresher

    Ann C. Thresher

    Office: H&SS 8089

    Interests: Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Time.

  • Dean Tracy

    Dean Tracy

    Office: H&SS 7054
    B.A. University of California, San Diego (Minor in Political Science)

    Interests: Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, and Epistemology. Outside of philosophy, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

  • Brian Tracz

    Brian Tracz

    Office: H&SS 7055
    B.S. Biology and Philosophy, Boston College

    My main areas of interest are philosophy of perception and Kant. On a general level, I have a longstanding interest in the crosstalk among Husserlian phenomenology, cognitive science, and Anglophone philosophy. Aside from philosophy, I enjoy piano, Mahler's symphonies, Arrested Development, hiking, and Tuesday crosswords.

  • Danny Weltman

    Danny Weltman |

    Office: H&SS 7054
    B.A. Philosophy and Political Science, Washington University 

    I'm interested in social and political philosophy, particularly questions of borders, authority, and territory, and in ethics, particularly anti-realistic metaethics and in various applied ethics issues. Aside from philosophy, I enjoy cooking, watching movies, and animals, especially cats.

  • Jason Winning

    Jason Winning

    Office: H&SS 7059
    B.S. Computer Science (Minor in Philosophy), Northern Illinois University (2003)
    M.A. Philosophy, Northern Illinois University (2011) 

    Before philosophy grad school I spent four years as a software developer creating medical record software in Madison, WI. My interests are mostly centered around philosophy of mind, and include questions that also fall under the headings of philosophy of science (especially of cognitive science and neuroscience, but of science in general as well), computation/information, metaphysics, and moral psychology. Aside from philosophy, I'm also big into audio production.

  • Andrew Wong

    Andrew Wong |

    Office: H&SS 8037
    A.B., Philosophy, Washington University in St. Louis (2009)

    I am currently working on a dissertation on the nature and scope of Pyrrhonian Skepticism, as understood in the works of Sextus Empiricus. In speaking of the "scope" of Skepticism, I refer primarily to the extent to which Skeptics bear epistemic commitments. In addition to taking a broad view of Pyrrhonism and its place in philosophy, I focus on the implications of two key areas on the scope of Skepticism: the Skeptic's ethical view and the Five Modes of Agrippa.