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Current Quarter Courses

Spring Quarter 2017

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Course Title Instructor
Phil 10 Intro to Logic R. Grush
Phil 12 Scientific Reasoning K. McKenzie
Phil 15 Intro to Philosophy: Knowledge & its Limits M. Fulkerson
Phil 25 Science, Philosophy and the Big Questions C. Sebens
Phil 27 Ethics and Society R. Brandt
Phil 28 Ethics and Society II A. Lamey
Phil 33 Philosophy Between Reason and Despair C. Tolley
Phil 90 Basic Problems in Philosophy D. Nelkin
Phil 102 Hellenistic Philosophy M. Johnson
Phil 108 Nineteenth-Century Philosophy C. Tolley
Phil 112 History of Philosophy: Late Modern M. Hardimon
Phil 115 Philosophical Methods Seminar M. Johnson
Phil 120 Symbolic Logic S. Rickless
Phil 130 Metaphysics K. Mckenzie
Phil 136 Philosophy of Mind R. Grush
Phil 148 Philosophy and the Environment  C. Callender
Phil 161 Topics in the History of Ethics S. Bazargan
Phil 164 Technology and Human Values A. Lamey
Phil 169 Feminism and Philosophy R. Arneson
Phil 173 Topics in Bioethics (new) D. Rutherford
Phil 177 Philosophy and Literature G. Anagnostopoulos
Phil 201A Core Course in History S. Rickless
Phil 232 Epistemology G. Sher
Phil 245 Philosophy of Science C. Sebens / C. Callender
Phil 285 Seminar on Special Topics J. Carr
Phil 285 Seminar on Special Topics J. Cohen
Phil 285 Seminar on Special Topics E. Watkins