Current Courses

Current Quarter Courses

Fall Quarter 2017

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Course Title Instructor
Phil 1 Intro to Philosophy C. Sebens
Phil 10 Logic R. Grush
Phil 12 Scientic Reasoning K. McKenzie
Phil 13 Intro to Philosophy: Ethics R. Arneson
Phil 27 Ethics and Society M. Vargas
Phil 28 Ethics and Society II A. Lamey
Phil 31 Intro to Ancient Philosophy G. Anagnostopoulos
Phil 87 Freshman Seminar A. Lamey
Phil 87 Freshman Seminar M. Johnson
Phil 100 Plato S. Rickless
Phil 106 Kant E. Watkins
Phil 110 History of Philosophy: Ancient G. Anagnostopoulos
Phil 120 Symbolic Logic S. Speitel
Phil 132 Epistemology J. Carr
Phil 134 Philosophy of Language J. Carr
Phil 137 Moral Psychology M. Fulkerson
Phil 145 Philosophy of Science C. Sebens
Phil 146 Philosophy of Physics C. Callender
Phil 160 Ethical Theory R. Arneson
Phil 168 Philosophy of Law D. Brink
Phil 173 Topics in Bioethics D. Nelkin
Phil 177 Philosophy and Literature A. Lamey
Phil 200 Proseminar R. Grush
Phil 202 Core Course in Ethics D. Brink
Phil 204A Core Course in Philosophy of Science B. Bechtel
Phil 260 Ethics S. Bazrgan-Forward
Phil 285 Seminar in Special Topics E. Watkins
Phil 209A Introduction to Science Studies K. McKenzie